Call of Duty Ghosts Beta Key (PC, Xbox 360, PS3) DOWNLOAD

Call of Duty Ghosts Beta Key


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STEP 3: Before your download starts, please make sure you turned off every program that block ads. (i.e Adblock (FireFox), AdFender, AdHunter (Maxthon) etc.) Or refresh blocked window. If the file is blocked by a survey please complete it to prove you are a human. This is security measure from our host company to prevent robots from flooding servers. Plus, you are sure that robots didn’t hijacked your beta key or took your download line.

STEP 4: Click on DOWNLOAD button from STEP 2 and do 1 simple survey, after that you will able to download:

COD Ghosts Beta Key

Dont know how to do a survey? Check out video below:

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Q – I clicked download and nothing happen
A – Please make sure you got every pop up and ad blocker off. At this point, they are blocking flash download site not commercials.
Q – I completed a survey and download didn’t start / Survey stops at 50% and I can’t download.
A – Please refresh download and start over. We are sorry for any download inconvenience.


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